Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keepin' up with Katie

So, when Katie first wed Tom her style went way downhill.  She chopped her hair off like a man and started to look drab 24/7.  I can finally say I am impressed with her stylin' new look.  She looks very put together and classy.  Check out Katie lately. She looks AH-Mazing!!!

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  1. Hi Ashley! I love your blog, and think it's wonderful how you are inspired by your Nana - it sounds like she was a truly special lady. Thanks for your compliments on our blog layout. Both Elizabeth and I use good ole fashion MS PowerPoint for all of our layout - we don't have ANY fancy programs! You can also download free fonts at "DaFont.com" and "Fontspace.com". Please email us at thenowstylebook@gmail.com if you need any tips or tricks with layout! xo Annie


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