Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedges galore

So, I cannot wait to leave work in a few and go put on my favorite pair of wedges. Ahhh! Let's go weekend.  I am soooo impressed with Steve Madden's line of wedges this summer and can't get over how incredibly cheap they all are.  Below are my top 3 favorites from Steve Madden.  btw- they are all under $100.00 Check out Steve Madden's wedges and prices here

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Michelle Roy

Sorry ladies.  I have been soooo busy lately and haven't had time to give my all to this blog.  I will step up my game.  My life has been consumed by my family and work and going to the racetrack.  Check out these awesome bracelets by Michelle Roy.  They are very well priced and so hot!

Click here to check out her arm candy collection of bracelets by Michelle Roy

Images via The Now and Michelle Roy website
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