Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kim K's keeping it klassy....

I LOVE when one can throw on tank and a jacket and a pair of jeans and still look classy and fabulous.  I love how Kim K. incorporates all of her pieces and ties them together to look so chic in her casual outfits.  Ladies, take notes.  Adding a nice heel, great accessories, and fab hair and makeup can do wonders!!!

LOVE the boho look on her!!

love the sheer top, louboutins and balenciaga bag

once again chic in her louboutin shoes and balenciaga bag

edgy in her louboutin booties and j brand jeans

loving the neutrals and balenciaga bag

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

take risks...

Those that "wow" others are taking a risk when it comes to their fashionista ways.  Not many people stop and check out MISS PLAIN JANE. Spice up your outfit by adding that haute piece of clothing item, or wild accessory, or statement shoes or purses. Check out how some of these celebs took risk and it really worked for them. So, the next time you pick up that simple top, go for the leopard, leather, or sheer top!

Chloe leather dress

love this white blazer and safari harem parents

jet skinny jeans and celine purse

leopard maxi dress

zara shoes

Alexander Wang Rocco bag

Monday, March 21, 2011

birthday boy

Today is my son's 3rd birthday.  I can remember this day 3 years ago like it was yesterday.  Wow, how time flies. Brett has changed our lives and we are so grateful God blessed us with him.
I haven't blogged since Wednesday because who knew all the time and effort it took to throw a 3 year old's birthday party.  Toy Story Theme at that!  I am all Woody and Buzz'd out.  Here is a Christmas pic of Brett dressed to the nine's.  It is not every day I see my boy in a suit and tie. 
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