Friday, December 10, 2010

A look for every occasion...

So I have done the research for you ladies! I have found the "HAUTEST" outfits for every occasion this season.  Please comment if you like or shoot me an email or message.  I know you dolls are going to LOVE them.  Remember these are the stars wearing these outfits and you can find these outfits for cheaper at local department stores or bargain stores.  I am merely just giving you an idea of what is HAUTE!
LBD for your Christmas Party

Night out on the town

Christmas Gala or Charity Ball

Holiday gathering-Daytime event

Daytime, shopping, meetings

Thursday, December 9, 2010

10 HOT HOLIDAY Makeup tips!

1. Wear bronzer..Winter white is not HOLIDAY HOT! I used to be a tanning bed freak but have since backed off to a bare minimum because I care about my skin and don't want to look 50 at age 30. I prefer the spray tan or drugstore wipe on.

2. Apply face primer. THIS IS A MUST LADIES!

3. My favorite foundation....AIRBRUSH MAKEUP...the best!! I won't wear anything else.  It sprays on evenly and lasts a lot longer than other foundations.

4. Apply eyeshadow primer to allow your eye makeup to stay on longer. (apply this before eye shadow)

5. Wear concealer. It is the holiday season and we are all stressed to the max and eyes are puffy.  Apply concealer under the eye, but not too much you don't want a large white circle underneath your eyes.

6. BLUSH IS A MUST.  I see a lot of ladies today that don't wear blush and I'm like eeek.  How can a girl not? There needs to be some color on the cheeks!  I'm not talking like 80s blush but a soft touch will do the trick.

7. Contour is important to highlight the cheekbones.

8. Know your eyeshadow shades that suit you best.  You need eyeshadows that make your eyes POP!

9. Use an eyebrow liner.  This really accentuates the eyes.

10. When it comes to lips, it is depending on the mood you are in.  If you are feeling glamorous go RED, if you are feeling sexy or vindictive go neutral.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Okay Ladies....I know you are all dying to know what I consider the "IT" pant for the holiday season!! And the winner is....PLEATED TROUSERS!! Put aside your leggings or skinny jeans girls and wow your friends with pleated trousers.  You can dress them up or down. Here are some looks from the fashion magazines and the red carpet! ENJOY! Your poor husbands/boyfriends are going to hate me.  =) PS Check out how Drew Barrymore is rocking her trousers! Love this look! So chic!
3.1 Phillip Lim $149.00

Zara $59.90
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