Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 5: You shouldn't have...

So as I was beginning to write a new blog on great pampering baskets, I thought to myself every woman should ponder what would make them the happiest on this very special love day.  What do you think your spouse would love the most to receive from you and vice versa? Valentine's Day is not about spending lots of money to make the other person like you more, but buying a present as a token of your love and appreciation.  I know what my spouse loves and that is anything and everything that deals with our bucking bulls and our cows.  Present solved. 

My wonderful husband has been working hard to learn my likes; even though he has known me for nine years and counting. But, I have to remember that guys aren't as observant as girls.   He definitely knows I love all GOLD jewelry -nothing silver, yuck!-, designer handbags, my scent, and he's still learning my outlook on shoes and clothing. -that could take a long time though- Anyway make your own wishlist maybe leave it somewhere where you know he'll find it, leave an item on the computer screen, and duh drop hints.  You definitely don't want to be in a sulky mood on Vday when he takes you to a crowded, noisy restaurant and buys you a robe or something.

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