Monday, January 24, 2011

Haute finds...

I recently came across a great website that sells everything (furniture, anything vintage, clothes, glassware, purses, you name it) Take a look at  if you are looking for rare finds and love searching through antique and vintage finds then this site is for you.  They even have items that you can personalize.  If you have an office or certain room you are designing please drop by etsy.  Here are some standouts and please believe me I could have put a lot more items but I haven't had time to go through ALL of the items on site.  I don't have a week of time eto skim. Enjoy!

Vintage wall mirror..LOVE this

set of the color

Business card chic!

vinyl wallpaper..choose any theme and your child's name

more vinyl wallpaper

haute glasses

pair of the detail

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