Sunday, December 12, 2010

My addiction...

Saturday I was Christmas shopping for Brett and minding my own business when I could not resist this one store! I told Will (my husband) to watch Brett (our 2 1/2 yr old son) for just five minutes while I made a quick run through the store.  Well, that run lasted more than five minutes and I came out with some FABULOUS FINDS!!  Definitely my kind of bargain store.  Let me show you these two pairs of shoes I got.  These styles are must haves for the winter.  I will be posting pics throughout the holidays as to how I coordinate these into my wardrobe. Ahhh...I LOVE them.
Aren't they so uptown and chic?! It is is so funny because I had a pair similar to the brown shoes when I was in junior high.  It is so amazing how fashion works and how they bring back older styles. So don't get rid of all of your clothes/shoes when you "think" you will never wear them. Happy Shopping!

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